It is not enough to have the most beautiful pair of boots in the world and not take care of it. Keeping shoes is part of the wearer’s routine.

Avoid getting your shoes wet.

  • Authentic leather – Pass a soft flannel lightly moistened very delicately on the surface to remove dirt;
  • Leather shoes should never be washed with abundant water;
  • If it gets wet, put in a place with enough wind and if possible an airy and dry environment to dry, never use dryers or machines this can dry the leather.
  • Chemicals such as soap, detergent, fabric softeners or disinfectants can ruin the leather.
  • Shoes in nubuck or suede need greater care. The ideal is the dry flannel or a brush of steel bristles suitable for this type of leather, in addition to dry sprays that will clean the shoe and return the velvety touch of the leather.
  • Use the waterproofing, it avoids the shoe damage caused by water or liquids like oil, grease, etc.

Another way to show your affection with the footwear is to know how to store the shoes in an airy place.

  • The leather shoe needs extra care when it comes about stored.
  • The leather needs to “breathe”, especially after a full day in contact with the feet. So it is important to leave the shoe in a place that is airy or open at least a little.
  • Never leave your shoe in the sun, or in a very hot place as this can deform the leather. Avoid leaving shoes in bathrooms or in very humid places you can avoid fungus as well.
  • Avoid wearing the same shoes for two days in a row. The ideal is to leave it in a place where it can breathe, once with the heat of the foot in the shoe the foot transpires as a consequence, so that you prevent the proliferation of fungi.

An interesting tip: Save the shoe with a newspaper inside it (like that sheet that comes inside the shoe when it is new). This is to prevent it from being deformed. There are some forms of wood created especially for this, but a crumpled newspaper can help.

Hydrate your shoes

To keep the “new”look, you can make a hydration in the shoe. This moisturizing should be done with shoe-specific moisturizers (which can be easily found in stores or shoe stores). Some neutral body moisturizers also work, but be careful not to smear your shoes.¹

¹ Except shoes with nubuck or suede leather.

Other Important Tips!

  • Long-legged boots should not be folded.
  • Never use any type of paint on the shoes because it causes dryness of the leather.
  • PU footwear (Polyurethane);

The soles have won the public for their lightness and comfort but need greater care as a small disadvantage of polyurethane based polyester and hydrolysis (components used to make the sole), which can cause its deterioration when stored in improper conditions such as very humid and hot places. The deterioration occurs by the chemical action of water, where it can be liquid or vapor as in a humid environment. Materials such as these can crack, break or fall apart when stored unused for more than 6 months.