Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

LevFort Group is committed to raising the awareness of its customers regarding their information collected and used to provide a better browsing experience. Therefore, we present our privacy policy, which aims to clarify the use of this information. By visiting www.LevFort.com, you accept the practices described in this privacy policy.


Data collect
In order to continually improve the navigation experience and improve LevFort Group’s product and service offerings and partner companies, we collect important information from our customers.
Registration information: Many of our services require the customer to have a single registration with a user account, which allows access to all LevFort Group stores. When registering, we collect your name, email, delivery and billing address, contact telephone number, CPF, RG, date of birth, sex, among other identification data or required for registration. In addition to the registration information, we may collect further information when the customer signs up, uses our website or acquires products and services on our website or in LevFort Group stores, such as product preferences, soccer team cheering, sports practicing, data of purchases in our channels, among other data. The customer may choose not to provide certain information, as long as it is not required to provide the service or purchase the products, but it is likely that your browsing experience in LevFort Group stores will not have all the features offered.
E-mailing: In order to improve the relevance of our communication, we receive a notification when our e-mail is open if this feature is available on the client’s computer.
Other sources: We may collect information specific to mobile devices that access LevFort Group stores. We may receive customer information from other sources, such as other LevFort Group stores, partner registrations, to add them to our database, which will not be sold, or provided to third parties outside this privacy policy.
In addition, we store some of the information we receive automatically each time the customer interacts with LevFort Group store sites and advertising. Internet Protocol (IP), browser type and pages viewed on our site are some examples of this collection, which is done through cookies.
Cookies are identifications of the interaction with our site or our advertisements, which are transferred to the customer’s equipment (computer, tablet or smartphone) in order to recognize it in the next navigation. We use cookies to provide a better experience in our store and enable personalized features such as product recommendations, advertisements and additional information on items of interest to the customer, for example.

Customer Control
The customer is free to choose what information he wants to provide for The LevFort Group, however, some of them are essential for order completion and a better browsing experience in stores:

  • At the time of registering or filling your email directly at the footer of the sites, the customer chooses to receive regular information and promotions via email, SMS or direct mail.
    The sending of electronic messages will only occur with the consent of the client and can be deactivated at any time, requesting the descadastro of your email.
    The customer may at any time request the total or partial unsubscription of his data and to effect this request can choose between the following ways:
  • Through the sites: log in (if you are not logged in) and go to the “My account” area. On the main page, in the “My preferences” topic, there will be the question: “I want to receive offers and launches by e-mail and / or SMS.” Just click NO to have your e-mail removed from LevFort database.


  • Through promotional emails: in all promotional emails from LevFort stores, in the last line you will find this phrase: ‘If you no longer wish to receive our emails click here.’ Just click on the link and follow the instructions on the LevFort descartes page.


  • Through our Relationship Center contacting via chat, email or telephone and in this way register your request with an attendant.

The main Internet browsers allow the client to manage the use of cookies on their machine. Our recommendation is to keep cookies safeguarded. In this way, it is possible to use all the personalized navigation features offered by LevFort, but if the customer does not agree, it is possible to disable this function.
To remove Cookies or Cache follow the procedures indicated by the manufacturers * for each browser **:





* Warning: The information below is provided by the official websites of the manufacturers themselves, the LevFort Group is not liable for damages or loss of information generated by the use of these procedures.
** This operation may be required any time the machine is replaced, reinstalled, or has its settings changed to the original default.

General observations:
The updating and correct supply of the data to the LevFort Group upon registration and one of the stores is entirely the responsibility of the customer. If you wish, the client can cancel your registration by contacting our Relationship Center.
With the constant evolution of the business model, LevFort Group reserves the right to change this privacy policy at any time by publishing the updated version at www.LevFort.com.br.
At any time, the customer can ask questions about our privacy policy through our Central of Relationship by chat, email, telephone (11) 3028-5333, social networks, or to contact at the address: Rua Vergueiro, 943 – Liberdade – CEP 01504-001 – São Paulo – SP.


All credit or non-credit card payment transactions are performed using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, ensuring that all personal customer data such as delivery address, credit card data and order history , are never misrepresented. In addition, this technology aims to prevent information from being transmitted or accessed by third parties.
To further increase your security, all pages of the LevFort Group stores are enabled with P3P, technology that allows greater control of the customer’s personal information.
In order to guarantee the confidentiality of our clients, all personal information provided at the time of registration is stored with state-of-the-art encryption.
Our web and internal systems have anti-intrusion devices such as IPS (Intrusion Prevetion System), Network and Application Firewalls as well as Anti-DDOS systems (prevention of denial of service attacks).


Computer use:

It is very important that the client protects their information against unauthorized access to your computer, account or password. The client should always make sure to click “exit” when ending their navigation on a shared computer.
Try not to use obvious passwords such as numbers and letters (eg abc123, 123456, abcd, etc.), change your password regularly, and never share with others.
Use only original programs and systems and keep them always up-to-date, especially the security fixes of your device’s operating system as well as anti-virus and anti-malware programs, these programs are indispensable for your digital security.

Electronic messages:

With regard to electronic messages (emails) it is important to check the content of the entire email before triggering any web address. Be wary of emails that contain a suspect or strange content header and sender field, messages that contain Portuguese errors or even failed photos and logos.
The LevFort Group warns all customers that it will never send electronic messages requesting confirmation of data or with attachments that can be executed (extensions: .exe, .com, among others) or even links to eventual downloads.

Payment Bills:

There are some computer viruses that can change your ticket data before or at the time of printing, so pay close attention to the payment data in the numeric code, checking among other things if the bank code matches the ticket code, and if you are in doubt, contact a banking agency or contact our relationship office.


The security and confidentiality of our customers’ information is very important to our business. However, the viability of certain services by our partners only occurs with the sharing of some of this information, which we do with responsibility and following all the parameters recorded in this Privacy Policy. Below, we mention the cases where information sharing is necessary, with which the user declares to be aware and agree:

  • Suppliers: suppliers and third parties work with the LevFort Group to improve our business. Examples are the logistics of ordering, sending e-mails, analyzing the database, creating marketing actions and processing credit card transactions. Many of these services are only possible with the sharing of information of our clients, however, it is important to reinforce that their use is authorized only for the contracted purposes.


  • Retailers LevFort Marketplace Partners: LevFort Group partners with retailers and companies that use the LevFort Marketplace in LevFort Group stores for the sale of its products. If you have purchased products from one of these companies, we will inform you of your personal information, purchase information and delivery address so that they can process the order and deliver.


  • Partners: LevFort Group may share its personal and registration data, shipping information and purchase data made in our stores with its commercial and financial Partners, who provide services or offer related products, strictly in partnership with the LevFort Group or that may be of your interest.


  • New business: In the continuous development of our business, processes of acquisition and merger of companies, subsidiaries and other businesses may occur. In this transfer of business, information of the respective clients are also transferred, but nevertheless, the privacy policy will be maintained, and the information will be maintained within the LevFort Group environment.


  • Court Requests: The LevFort Group may share personal data in the event of a judicial request.


  • With the authorization of the client: in other cases, if there is a need to share the information, we will send the client a notification requesting its approval or disapproval.